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Hướng dẫn cài đặt Rom tiếng việt LeTV LeEco Cool 1 Dual
Hướng dẫn cài đặt Rom tiếng việt LeTV LeEco Cool 1 Dual

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Hướng dẫn cài đặt Rom tiếng việt LeTV LeEco Cool 1 Dual

11:30 | 17/01/2017Lượt xem: 7526

Hướng dẫn cài đặt Rom tiếng việt cho máy Leeco Dual 1, tạm thời bằng tiếng anh nhé, mình sẽ cố gắng dịch sang tiếng việt trong thời gian sớm nhất ạ, cảm ơn các bạn đã quan tâm.


1 Prerequisites pre-installation of Roma cool1 C106:

1 fully -Smartphones load

2 -Any Antivirus and / or Firewall disabled

3 -Driver ADB / FASTBOOT  properly installed

4 -Driver Qualcomm properly installed

5-Here the Firmware flashabili from TWRP 
choose the one you think best for your use 
and download it to your PC without decompressing 
-Grossoshop Firmware 14S
-Grossoshop Firmware 17S of 01.15.2017 bug corrected SLR !!  

Second-Install TWRP Grossoshop of cool1 C106:

1 -Scarichiamo archive  MiFlash  we're going to unpack on your PC desktop 
and install the file .msi

2 -Scarichiamo archive Cool1TWRP we're going to unpack on your PC desktop
C106 unzip

3 -Spegniamo colleghiamolo the phone and to the PC via USB cable while pressing 
the button volume up button and volume down . 
You will install the driver Qualcomm QDLoader

4 -Apriamo MiFlash and select: 
(1)  save user data
(2)  select  and choose the folder Cool1TWRP
(3)  refresh so that the door for us to be recognized COM
(4)  flash
C106 miflash

5 -The flash lasts a few seconds, after which, 
to unlink the phone, 
keep pressing player button volume up  +  power button
until you see the message Recovery on the display, 
and then we release the pressure 
on both the buttons and proceed with the guide.

2b-Alternative installation with TWRP recovery QFIL of cool1 C106:

1 - We unload and decompress on the desktop Archive Tool GS   and install QPST
restart your PC after installation 
C106 01
 -Apriamo QFIL from QPST folder we installed in the previous point 3 -Selezioniamo Flat Build in QFIL program

C106 03

4 -Selezioniamo Browse and choose the file prog_emmc_firehose.mbn
path as in Figure 5 -Selezioniamo Load XML and choose the file rawprogram0.xml and later patch0.xml 6 -With smartphone off simultaneously press the volume up and volume down and hold the pressure connect to the USB cable (by this time will not be disconnected until the end of tutorial) the notification led the cool1 will flash red, and then we release the pressure on the keys, in the QFIL window will show the message  Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader (if you do not have Qualcomm drivers on your PC you will find them in the GS Tool folder) then press Download and recovery TWRP will be flashed within a few seconds
C106 04

C106 05c106-06

C106 07C106 08


3-Installing firmware Grossoshop of cool1 C106:

1 -In the screen that will appear in recovery select Cancel 2 -We swipe from left to right on Swipe to Allow Modifications and enter the main screen of the Recovery TWRP

C106 10

C106 11C106 12

3 -Selezioniamo Wipe -> then Date Format -> write yes -> let's send
C106 13C106 14C106 15

4 -Torniamo back but this time we select Advanced Wipe and  spuntiamo 
Dalvik / ART Cache 
do swipe from left to right on Swipe to Wipe 5 -Torniamo back on the main screen of TWRP and select Mount then Enable MTP and the PC there will appear memory phone where we're going to copy the firmware grossoshop oursleves the prerequisite 4
C106 16C106 17

C106 18 C106 19C106 09

6 -From the main screen of the TWRP select Install then choose 
the firmware  Grossoshop we had copied to phone memory to the previous point, 
we perform swipe from left to right on Swipe to confirm flash  to install the rom
C106 12C106 20C106 21

7 -The firmware flash process will last a few minutes and will be completed when we read 
Install Zip Successful
select Wipe cache dalvik and perform the swipe from left to right on Swipe to Wipe
to start the process that will be completed when we read 
Wipe Dalvik Cache & Complete Successful
finally select reboot System to restart our cool1 C106
C106 22C106 23C106 24

8 -Do not touch any buttons and pazientiamo the time of the initial boot, the wait will be rewarded with 
the launch of the smartphone in the Italian language , with the Google Play Store , the root permissions and 
active OTA updates .
C106 25 C106 26 C106 27

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